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f:749 -    Offering the Sunnah of Fajr Salaat
Country : Hyderabad, India,
Name : Abdul Aziz
Question:     When I came to Masjid for Salaat Ul Fajr, the Jamaat had already started.  I joined it and after finishing the Salaat, I offered the Sunnah of the Fajr.  A person saw me and said that offering the Sunnah of Fajr after its Fardh is not allowed.  Is it so?  Does it mean that those who come late for Fajr should leave the Sunnah?  I have heard that the 2 Sunnah of Fajr are of great importance.

Answer:     The Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) has specially stressed the importance of the 2 Sunnah of Salaat Ul Fajr.  There is a Hadith in Musnad Imam Ahmed, (Hadith No: 8885) and Sunan Abu Dawood Vol. 1, Pg No. 179:

Translation:  It is narrated on the authority of Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (May Allah be well pleased with him) that the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: Do not leave the Sunnah of Fajr, even though horses trample you.

Because of the importance of the Sunnah of Fajr, it is accepted as the most important among all Sunnah Moukkada (Compulsory Sunnah) t the extent that it is considered almost as equal to the Compulsory (Wajib) Salaat.  Thus, we should make efforts to offer the Sunnah before the congregation in such a way that the Sunnah is also offered with proper calmness and the first Takbeer of the Salaat Ul Fajr is not missed as well.

If any person comes to the mosque and finds that Salaat Ul Fajr has started and that person has not offered the Sunnah, then there are 2 cases:

1.  If that person can offer the Sunnah and join the Salaat, even though it may be in the last sitting (Qaida), then that person should offer the Sunnah.

2.  If by the time that person offers the Sunnah the Obligatory (Fardh) Salaat will have ended, then that person should join the Obligatory Salaat and should not offer Sunnah after Salaat Ul Fajr, as according to Hanafi Fiqh, it is Undesirable (Makruh) to offer Sunnah after the Obligatory Salaat.

As given in Durre Mukhtaar, Vol. 1, Pg No. 499:

Translation: The Sunnah of Fajr is the most important among all Sunnah, still congregation should not be missed for offering it, as congregational Salaat is included in the “Sha’aair Al Islam" (the symbols of Islam) and such carries more importance.  Thus, if by offering Sunnah, the congregational Salaat might be missed then the Sunnah should not be offered and one should join the congregational Salaat.

And Allah Most High knows best.

Mufti Hafidh Syed Ziauddin Naqshbandi Qadri

[Professor, Islamic Law, Jamia Nizamia,
Founder-Director, Abul Hasanaat Islamic Research Center]

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