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f:639 -    No time to offer Sunnah before Friday sermon
Country : USA,
Name : Vazeer
Question:     In Islamic countries, the Khutba immediately starts after the Adhaan and we don?t get the chance to offer Sunnah Salaat.  Can we offer Sunnah Salaat after the Khutba starts?
Answer:     When the Imam comes on the pulpit, then neither should Salaat be offered nor should there be any talk.  If someone is reciting the Holy Quran, or doing Dhikr, etc., then that person should stop doing so.  If someone is offering Salaat, that person should finish the Salaat as soon as possible and pay attention to the Imam and listen to the sermon attentively.  There is a Hadith in Sunan Ibn Majah, Pg. No. 79:

Translation: Hadhrat 'Adi bin Thabit (May Allah be well pleased with him) narrates on the authority of his father that when the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) would grace the pulpit, then the Companions would turn their faces towards Him.  (Sunan Ibn Majah, Hadith No. 1126)

The Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said:

Translation: When the Imam starts for the pulpit for giving the sermon, then there is neither Salaat nor talk.  (Bada’i, Vol. 1, Pg. No. 595)

It is given in Bada’i, Vol. 1, Pg. No. 592:

Translation:  Talk is Undesirable (Makruh) in a sermon, similarly reciting the Holy Quran and similarly Salaat.

If there is no chance of offering Sunnah Salaat before the sermon, then offer it along with the other Sunnah that are offered after the Fardh Salaat.

And Allah Most High knows best.

Mufti Syed Ziauddin Naqshbandi Qadri

[Professor, Islamic Law, Jamia Nizamia,
Founder-Director, Abul Hasanaat Islamic Research Center]
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