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f:57 -    Reciting Holy Quran against the order
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Question:     Usually the children are made to memorize the Surah from the last 30th Para (Chapter) but the said order is completely against the order of Holy Quran.  Is this disorder method of memorizing Surah is correct?

Answer:     Quran should be recited and taught according to the order of Quran. Reciting against the order is Makruh (undesirable).  The Fuqaha have ruled breaking the order for making small children recite and memorize last Surah from the 30th Chapter namely Surah 'Am, the Fuqaha (Hon'ble Jurists) as permissible.  This is with an intention to make memorizing and teaching the Holy Quran easy for the children.  Since the last Surah of Chapter 'Am are short when compared to the Surah present at the beginning of Holy Quran, children feel it easy to memorize them and recite them during Salaat (Namaaz). However to recite the Surah against its order is Makruh (Undesirable). As given in Raddul Mukhtar' Kitabus Salah:

Translation:  Reciting against the order i.e. Reciting a Surah in the first Raka'at (unit of Salaat), & in the second Raka'at reciting the Surah before it is a Makruh (Undesirable).  Since, during recitation of the Holy Quran going with the order is required, merely for the convenience of children and teaching, for them reciting against the order is kept as permissible.

And Allah SWT Knows best!
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