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f:50 -    Dhikr in Masjid
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Question:     In the name of Allah Most Merciful Most Compassionate.Aswlkm(WRWB)!I pray you are well and in the best of health and imaan.First of all i would like to thanx to Allah(SWT)and his Messenger(PBUH)that they have granted an opportunity to share and discuss about all the Questions of our daily life with our respected Shaykh Syed Zia Uddin Naqshbandi Qibla(R.A).May Allah(SWT)give u the best reward for ur kind service of the whole Ummah of Huzoor Noor-e-Mujassim(PBUH)and also the long Life(Aameen).My question is  related to the Dhikr(Zikr)v do in the mosque here on every sunday mehfil Alhamdulillah.I came across a typical thing last week that people here postponded the Isha Salath as we were busy in Zikr of Allah(SWT).It was written in the Mosque everywhere that the Jamaat will b at 10:00 Pm as per the mosque management, but they keep on holding the people till 10:15 Pm who was waiting for Isha Salath.Ater 10:15 Pm a group of people formed a Jamaat and I joined the Jamaat by leaving the zikr though the management people were still busy in Zikr. Is this a right thing to postponed the Jamaat without letting the regular prayer offerrors(Musalli)and also on every Friday they dont do Friday Jamaat on time due to which most of the people get late for work.Though the Mosque run by 1 of a Pakistani brother they alwayz do the things as per their wish.Kindly let me know is it allowed or gud to keep busy in Zikr by postponding the Farz Salath though zikr is nafeel Ibadath.Am i done the wrong thing by leaving zikr and joining jamaat.Please reply I will be thankful to you.Mohammed Shafiuddin Sohail.(Ireland-Hyderabad).Masalama.Allahhafiz.

Answer:     The time for the Jam’aat (congregation) is set as per the convenience of the worshippers.  If the Salaat is offered a bit late as per convenience, then it is permissible, but a delay which creates problems for the worshippers is not correct.  

If Salaat is delayed by chance because of being busy in Dhikr, then there is some room for it, but once the Salaat starts, we should not leave the Salaat and remain busy in Dhikr.  You did the right thing by joining the Jama’at.  On these occasions, the convenience of the worshippers should be kept in mind.
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