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f:140 -    Giving others sadqa Fitr
Country : Not given,
Name : submittername
Question:     I have a footwear showroom.  In my shop, there are 4 people whose financial situation is not good.  I want to give the Sadqa Fitr on their behalf.  Can I do so?  Also tell me on whom exactly is Sadqa Fitr Wajib?  Should I give the Sadqa Fitr of my wife and children also?
Answer:     A person must give Sadqa Fitr of those members of the family for whom a person is responsible like minor children etc.  It is not Wajib (Compulsory) to give Sadqa Fitr of the major children and the wife etc.

If you want to give Sadqa Fitr on someone's behalf, then it is compulsory to take their permission.  However, it is not necessary to take permission if you are giving Sadqa Fitr for the major children and the wife.  If you give Sadqa Fitr without their permission, even then it is correct.  As given in Fatawa A'alamgiri, Vol. Pg No. 193.  If you want  to give Sadqa Fitr on behalf of the workers of your showroom, then take their permission.  Without their permission, Sadqa Fitr cannot be given.  

Sadqa Fitr is Wajib on that person who has wealth which reaches the prescribed limits and which is beyond the basic necessities of life and that person should be free of debt.  The prescribed limit (Nisab) is the same as Zakaat, but for Sadqa Fitr, there is no condition that the wealth should be of an increasing kind (like gold, silver or commercial goods) or that 1 year should have passed on it.  
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