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f:130 -    What are major sins and minor sins
Country : Not given,
Name : Abdul Ali
Question:     What is Gunah Kabiraha and what are they and what is Gunah Saghira and what are they?
Answer:     There are various Traditions about the Major Sins (Gunah Kabira).  Those sins, which are normally included in Major Sins are the following:

1.  Shirk- making someone or something a partner to Allah Most High.
2.  Killing somebody without a valid reason.
3.  Leaving any Fardh (Obligation) of Allah Most High like Salaat or fast.
4.  Using wine or any other intoxicant.
5.  Adultery.
6.  Theft or stealing.
7.  Magic.
8.  Oppressing someone.
9.  Lies.
10. Accepting bribes
11. Taking, giving or making someone give usury
12. Short weighing (weighing less than the actual weight)
13. Embezzling the money of an orphan.
14. Breaking a trust.
15. Hiding the true evidence and giving false evidence.
16. Taking a false oath to prove right as wrong or wrong as right.
17. Disobeying parents or hurting them.
18. Gambling.
19. Accusing a virtuous, chaste woman of adultery.
20. Homosexuality.
21. Insisting on a minor sin or considering it small.

Imam Ibn Hajar Haitami (May Allah shower His Mercy on him) has enumerated 467 Major Sins in Az Zawajir.  One more opinion is that every sin is minor when compared to the one before it and is Major when compared to the one after it.  Going on committing a minor sin or taking it lightly is also a major sin.

Apart from Major sins, all other sins are minor sins.

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