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Dowry - A festering wound for the society
The revered Mufti said marriage is the means of procreation of species. Marriage safeguards oneís honor and chastity. Marriage should be cleansed of un-Islamic customs and should be performed as per the Sunnah. He said that in the whole history of Islam, there is no record of any Companion demanding dowry. This is in fact borrowed from other cultures, which is destroying the Muslim society. In other cultures, since the daughter had no share in inheritance after the passing away of the parents, the father gives a lot of dowry to the daughter and after the fatherís death the daughter doesnít receive any share in his inheritance. However, Islam has given women the right to inherit.
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The sacrifices of Hadhrat Ameer Hamza for the sake of Islam

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The Battle Of Badr And Allah's Help
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Ramadhan - Month of forgiveness

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Ramadhan and our responsibilities

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