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f:237 -    How to carry the bier
Country : Nanded, India,
Name : Abdul Qayyum Qadri
Question:     While carrying the janazah, should the head be forward or the legs.  In some places, the Janazah is carried with the head forward and in some places, the legs first.  Please guide.

Answer:     While carrying the bier, the head should be placed first and the legs behind.  Carrying the bier in a legs-forward position is not correct.  As given in Fatawa A’alamgiri, Vol. 1, Pg. No. 162:

While walking, the head should be placed at the front and the legs at the back.  It is Commendable (Mustahab) for the people who are walking with it to walk behind it and walking in front of the bier is also permissible, but it is Undesirable (Makruh) if they go so far away from the bier that it is left behind.

As given in Fatawa A’alamgiri, Vol. 1, Pg. No. 162.

For the person carrying the bier, it is Commendable (Mustahab) to first shoulder the right end of the head-side of the bier for 10 steps and then the feet-side of the right end for 10 steps and then the head and feet-end of the bier on the left side for 10 steps each.  This is because, the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: Whoever carries the bier for 40 steps, that becomes the expiation for 40 major sins.  As given in Durre Mukhtar, Vol. Pg. No. 657.

And Allah Most High knows best.

Mufti Syed Ziauddin Naqshbandi Qadri

[Professor, Islamic Law, Jamia Nizamia,
Founder-Director Abul Hasanaat Islamic Research Center]

Hyderabad, India.
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